TobyArt (Toby Grauberger) is a Custom Toy Artist / Illustrator / Character Designer / Painter currently living in Texas. With a 3D Animation Degree from Vancouver Film School and Digital Painting Certification from Bobby Chiu, Toby has been creating art for over 23 years. New to the Vinyl Toy scene in 2012 he has since created several adorable resin, vinyl and custom sculpt creatures including Blindbox Series, over a dozen custom resin series, and many one-off and commission pieces. He is the founder of Creatures For Kids, a charity auction held annually at the Vinyl Thoughts Art Shows. His off-the-wall webpage at shows off the work that spews forth from his brain in a colorful artfest of fun.

A flurry of great artists including Andrew Bell, Bobby Chiu, CreatureBox ,Chris Ryniak, and Scribe to name just a few. As well as a history of great cartoons, ranging from Animaniacs and Dark Wing Duck to classic Looney Tunes and Tex Avery. Animals of all types and the majestic beauty of tranquil nature.
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