Vinyl Thoughts 7 Toys (July)
Bad Omen - Custom Omen by Coarse Life
Doc Grock Spindle - Custom MadL
Flushed But Not Forgotten - Custom Slump
King Humpty - Custom Dudebox
Peace Seeker - Custom Seeker
The Nerd - Custom Mezhead 
Zues - Custom Nohwitz
Buffalo Wings - Resin is King 4 Blindbox Series (May)
Buffalo Wings Blindbox Resin Toy for Tenacious Toys Resin is King 4 Series Available at: 
Tenacious Toys Store (click Here)
Rare "Sauced" Shown
Koalacorns (March)
Small run resin series (Male and Female only available at shows)
BIBS (March)


Limited Edition Resin Series (Available only at Shows)
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